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"I wish to extend to the entire world-wide Shroud of the Avatar community our staff's deep appreciation for your awesome support and for me personally, I intend to see SotA Con - Austin become an annual convention for the life of Shroud of the Avatar. This will not be a one time event. Whatever surplus funds that aren't used to finance SotA Con - Austin, will be presented directly to management of Portalarium INC., before witnesses, to further the development of Shroud of the Avatar at the conclusion of each annual event. I nor any member of the staff will ever profit from the community's generosity to fund this endeavor via ticket sales and donations so long as I am the event manager of SotA Con - Austin."

With warm regards,
Duke Ezekiel Cooper
Event Manager, SotA Con - Austin 2017​

Senior Consultant, Portalarium Liaison

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SotA Con - Austin 2017:
Event Manager, Portalarium Liaison

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