​What is SotA Con - Austin
and why should you be there?

Shroud of the Avatar Conferences (SotA Cons) are the brainchild of @Violation Clauth to bring the Shroud of the Avatar community together on a regional and global scale to facilitate fellowship and interaction among players and between the players and the developers. SotA Con - Austin is ground zero for interaction with the developers of Shroud of the Avatar where your ideas and input are on the front lines. Based in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas, Portalarium Inc. is the home of the Shroud of the Avatar development team that are quickly being recognized for ground breaking concepts throughout the industry. One of the most notable concepts that Portalarium is known for, is the company's willingness to embrace it's following as peers and value their ideas for development goals. It is considered by many to be a bold step, that all are invited to be a part of in the industry.
Join us at SotA Con - Austin and take your place in history!